Bonso Electronics International Inc. (BNSO) Stock Forecast
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Bonso Electronics International Inc. (BNSO) Stock Forecast

Bonso Electronics International Inc. (BNSO) Stock Forecast

Bonso Electronics International Inc. designs, develops and sells wireless devices and products with electronic sensors. The company operates in 4 main categories. The first of these categories is scales. Another product segment is pet electronic products. Another product segment of the company is management and leasing. The company’s final product segment is selling scrap materials. The Scale category manufactures sensor-based scales for industrial and commercial applications. These manufactured scales are used in places such as kitchens, bathrooms, offices, and laboratories.

Another segment, pet electronics, is designed for consumers and includes electronic products related to pets. The leasing and management category includes the leasing of factories and machinery to 3rd parties. The last segment, the sale of scrap materials, includes the sale of scrap inventories. The company serves the United States, Germany and the People’s Republic of China. It also sells electronic pet products through online sales platforms. Bonso Electronics was founded in 1988. The company is headquartered in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.

Is BNSO Stock a Good Buy?

BNSO stock is a successful electronics company. BNSO stock was listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange on June 27, 1989. When the BNSO stock history is examined, it is possible to say that it draws a bumpy graph for the stock. BNSO stock price today is $5,99. Experts have many analyses of BNSO stock. According to BNSO stock forecasts, the 12-month average price forecast is $7. BNSO stock can be a lucrative stock for investors, even if it is experiencing declines. After the necessary price research is done, traders can create a buy order for BNSO stock.

BNSO Stock Buy or Sell?

One of the questions about Bonso Electronics stock is whether it is in a suitable period for the buy order. According to experts’ BNSO stock price analysis, although the stock is at a low value, it is expected to rise in the coming periods. When the information about the stock is examined, BNSO stock price today is seen as $5,99. According to BNSO stock price history, the stock has also traded at higher prices in previous periods. Within this information and depending on the earnings status of the company, BNSO stock price increase is foreseen. Within this information, the question “BNSO stock buy or sell?” can be answered at an appropriate value for stock purchase.

Why is BNSO Stock Price Dropping?

Like many stocks, BNSO stock price can be adversely affected by market conditions and the company’s financial condition. BNSO stock is a very old stock considering the date of its public offering. BNSO stock price declines can be justified by the company’s increasing amount of debt. The company’s poor financial situation also has negative effects on BNSO stock price. After the recovery of this process, BNSO stock price will start trading at higher values.

Will BNSO Stock go up?

The rise in the BNSO stock price is a matter of curiosity. Investors can direct their investments according to BNSO stock forecast analysis. BNSO stock price is trading at $5,99 as of today. The BNSO stock price fluctuates throughout the day. Investors should consider these price fluctuations for BNSO stock trading. According to BNSO stock news, the company is expected to increase its earnings. In this way, BNSO stock price can be traded at higher values. According to some experts’ BNSO stock forecast analysis, the average value is estimated at $7.

Did BNSO Stock Split?

When the BNSO stock price history is examined, it is known that the stock made a split in 1994. BNSO stock has undergone 6 splits for 1.

Did BNSO Stock pay Dividends?

BNSO stock pays dividends. BNSO stock has paid dividends to its investors a total of 6 times, including in 2001.

How to buy BNSO Stock?

Buying BNSO stock is a fairly easy process for investors. Traders should first create a user profile by choosing a brokerage suitable for them to buy BNSO stock. After creating a user profile on the platform, the next step is to top up the account. You can top up based on the BNSO stock price. For investors, it is important to review BNSO stock price analysis before making a purchase. In addition, BNSO stock forecast analysis is also an important source of information for investors. Traders can create a buy or sell order by tracking BNSO stock price.

BNSO Stock Forecast 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

There are some analyses and data of experts about BNSO stock forecast. According to the experts’ BNSO stock forecast 2022 data, the predicted price is set at $7. Likewise, according to the BNSO stock forecast 2023 data of experts, the predicted price is predicted as $ 8.5. In this process, it is thought that the volume of BNSO stock exchanges will also increase. According to BNSO stock forecast 2024 data, the predicted price is predicted to be $ 9 on average. It is thought that with the better financial condition of the company, BNSO stock will trade at higher values for the stock price. According to BNSO stock forecast 2025 data, the predicted price is thought to be $ 10 on average. Finally, the BNSO stock forecast 2030 data is estimated at an average of $12.

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